Teach A Woman To Fish And You Empower A Whole Village/Community and Nation
Teach A Woman 2 Fish


​"Empowering women through business development, vocational training and employment opportunities."
Teach A Woman 2 Fish tackles  poverty by empowering women of domestic violence with economic opportunity. We combine the breakthrough potential of moringa oleifera with a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to women who are survivors of abuse (physical, mental, psychological, economic, spiritual and social).  

Moringa is having a huge social economic impact on communities in the third world.  It is opening up a variety of channels for women to earn an income in their local communities while increasing public health.  Not only is moringa having an impact in third world countries, but it is also having an impact in American communities where the prevalence of diabetes, high hypertension and arthritis are ravishing communities with few health care benefits.​​

When you invest in a woman you empower an entire village or community. Teach A Woman 2 Fish creates sustainable businesses, powered by smart investment in women entrepreneurs. When you invest in a woman, you invest in the future. Join us by making an investment in Teach A Woman 2 Fish Entrepreneurs today.

We offer specific vocational and job training program to put women to work.  Research shows a link between reduction of intimate partner violence and the economic empowerment of women.  

Over the past several years, domestic violence agencies and asset building organizations have begun exploring ways to work together to boost the financial strength of domestic violence survivors in America and Teach A Woman 2 Fish is one such organization designed to build the capacity of women both in America and abroad.

We are proud to announce the opening of our Columbus, Georgia chapter of Teach A Woman 2 Fish.  We have rolled out our first product line and it is having a great impact in impoverished communities. For valentines day we offered moringa: Be Healthy Sweet Heart Baskets.  For Easter we had Be Healthy Baskets and put together special mother's day bags. ​​​​ Get your basket today and shop for a cause and support our efforts to empower domestic violence survivors!


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